What do I get with my membership?

Wanderer Financial Membership

  • Weekend Update containing market commentary, trade setups, and stories unique to a wandering trader’s lifestyle.
  • Market Commentary containing:
    • News Recaps – easy to understand, simplified review, of the global financial news.
    • Weekly trade setups – review of current trades, as well as potential trade setups that we are watching.
    • Simple, easy-to-understand charts with notes and explanations.
  • Real-time Trade Alerts delivered via email. Alerts include entry prices, exits, stop-losses, and percent of model portfolio allocated for trade.
  • Access to Basecamp, our private members-only daily chat group
    • Talk trading with Pat and Lorin in real time
    • Chat with fellow wanderers about trading or the wandering lifestyle
    • Follow and monitor active trades more closely
    •  Learn all you need to know about life on the wandering side
  • Complete Web Access to our member-only site which includes:
    • Access to a member-only Trading Resource Center
    • Access to all past weekend updates
    • Current trade updates
    • Beginner to Advanced Lessons & Guides
  • Mobility. This is the perfect trading system for anyone who wants to actively generate income while living a mobile lifestyle. It’s ideal for:
    • Retirees
    • Full-time travelers/wanderers
    • Trading enthusiasts who don’t want to devote their entire day to researching the markets, but still want to be actively involved, taking control of their portfolios.
    • Anyone who wants to trade, yet still find plenty of time to enjoy life!

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