What is Basecamp for wanderers?

If there was a pub near you filled with your fellow Wanderers swapping travel stories and comparing trading notes, would you stop by and join the conversation? We would too. Until that day comes though, the closest alternative is our private members-only daily chat group—Wanderer Basecamp. It's our digital version of the corner pub for Wanderer members, and it's free with your membership. It's the place where you'll be able to visit with fellow wanderers, talk trading with Pat, Lorin, and others, follow and monitor active trades more closely, and learn all you need to know about life on the Wandering side.

And, in the spirit of a true basecamp, you can get answers to your trading and mobile lifestyle questions from those who've gone before you. When you stop by Basecamp, you'll find resources to help you:

✔  Avoid common trading mistakes that result in big losses

✔  Understand the role emotions play in trading

✔  Achieve consistent results to realize your goals faster

✔  Figure out the resources you'll need for the mobile life you want

✔  Buy the right mobile rig for your unique lifestyle

✔  Hiccups along the journey

Your standard Wanderer membership gives you full access to Basecamp. All you need to do is join us there!

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