What if I don't have Facebook?

Unfortunately there’s no way around this. We understand that not everyone has Facebook, and not everyone wants too. We considered this when we created Basecamp and our decision was made after a lot of consideration. Here’s the backstory; We used to use a private group called OMentoring that members joined for an additional $99 a month. The camaraderie of that group was incredible. Weekday mornings became a digital meet-up with friends. The benefit of being able to discuss and jump in on trades in real-time was a bonus. Not only did we discuss trading and market news in depth, we were able to swap travel stories, share resources and give each other ideas and guidance on the digital nomad lifestyle. It was extremely rewarding just to be a part of. Being a digital nomad can be an introvert’s dream or a bit lonely sometimes. It depends on your personality. But since we’re always on the move, we don’t get the chance to form lasting friendships. Of course we meet the most amazing people along the way but the reality is that those meetings are often one-and-done events. That’s why the OM group became so important to us. We finally found a place where we could make meaningful and long-lasting connections.So where does Facebook fit in all of this? When we realized that our entire member base could take their trading to a whole new level and accelerate their journey to becoming full-time Wanderers like many of our OMentoring subscribers have, the challenge was in finding the right platform. Our requirements for functionality are pretty specific–file sharing, threaded conversations, stock trading course progress tracking, reliable up-time history, private and public messaging, and on and on. At this time, Facebook private groups was our best choice and is really the only one that meets them all. We completely understand that many people do not want to be on Facebook, and we respect that position. Some of our members with that viewpoint have created Wanderer-specific Facebook profiles. They’ve signed up with their Wanderer name just to create an account, and then they’ve joined the Basecamp group. This way, since they don’t post anywhere else on Facebook, their account is anonymous and they can still protect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you in Basecamp!

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